Library Tea

September 30, 2013

All the people involved with the Winfield library back in the early 1970’s were honored at a recognition tea….as chronicled in this June 2, 1971 article from the Glimpses…

library tea 1

library tea 2

Are You Ready For Some Football?

September 27, 2013

Let’s take a look back at the glory days of the West Chicago Wildcats. The Glimpses published this full page spread of Wego taking state, on October 17, 1973…

wildcat champs 1

wildcat champs 2

wildcat champs 3

Town Center ’73

September 25, 2013

Here is a letter written by the Winfield Chamber of Commerce president that was published by the Glimpses in the Fall of 1973. It provides a look at what was going on around town at the time. My favorite part is about how a portion of Winfield Road was set to be four lanes…

chamber newsletter

Arts ‘N Crafts

September 23, 2013

Starting the week with some bits and pieces all focusing on various talents of local residents. From March of 1975.

home sewn fashions

home sewn fashions 2

local boy in show

art auction

ms show

It Was A Busy Summer For Scouts

September 20, 2013

Back in June of 1971, the Glimpses featured an article about the goings on of Troop 27…

scouts part one

scouts part two

scouts part three

and if you were inspired to go camping…this ad was strategically placed next to the scouts article…

rent a tent

Flyin’ High

September 18, 2013

I remember enjoying the DuPage County Air Show back in the 1970’s (not sure when they stopped doing it)…in particular watching it from a field along Hawthorne Lane in West Chicago. Here’s a Glimpses article from June of 1971, detailing that years event. (click each segment to enlarge)…

dupage county air show 1

air show article

dupage county air show 2

A “Y & T”

September 16, 2013

On occasion I like to put together something I like to call a “yesterday and today”. This one features an architects sketch of the building as published in a mid 1960’s Glimpses (the yesterday) in comparison to what it looks like now (the today)…

new office building

office building

Real Nuns

September 13, 2013

School has been underway for a few weeks now, and since I haven’t posted any school stuff for awhile…i thought today would be a good day to remedy that. Here’s a pictorial, featuring the staff of St. John The Baptist School circa 1967…back when they had actual nuns as teachers…(Glimpses October 11)

st john faculty 1

st john faculty 2

st john faculty 3

and as i like to do on occasion…a couple of bonus ads…

winfield pharmacy

sears tv ad

“Under Construction”

September 11, 2013

That’s something that we’re getting used to around Winfield these days (at least in regards to the manchester and the winfield road bridge projects). Back in the Fall of 1968 it was Jewell road. This picture/article has the details….though i mainly wanted to post this because it provides a cool old view of John’s and Carmen’s…

construction work

and here’s an ad from the same Glimpses highlighting an actual business on Roosevelt Road…

pizza queen ad

…and welcome to the site tom!

Parade of Memories

September 9, 2013

Well another Good Ole Days is in the bag and i don’t know about you but i had a great time. Great weather and lots of great people i hadnt seen for awhile. A parade is always part of the festivities so today I thought I would post a few pictures from the original and a few from this year (that i took as i stood and watched on Church Street)…

parade scenes 1

parade scenes 2

special award

glimpses float

school float info

school float

parade 1

parade 4

parade 2

parade 5

parade 3