Memorial Day 1973

May 30, 2011

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. I’m watching the creek waters creep up, but everything should be fine (fingers crossed). Thanks to all that served and died in our armed forces. Today’s post is from the June 6th edition of the Glimpses 1973. (As always, click to enlarge)

Origin Of Park District

May 27, 2011

Apparently a group of Winfield businessmen were behind the creation of our park district. Back in January of 1964 the group got together to support the idea. I wonder if they envisioned that nearly 50 years later, Winfield taxpayers would be paying about twice as much in taxes to the park district as compared to what is paid to the village. (click on article to enlarge)

Red Text Ousted From Winfield School

May 25, 2011

The 1950’s must’ve been an interesting time to live, judging by articles in the Glimpses of that era. Most issues are filled with stories of how Communism was infiltrating our community from many angles. This one caught my eye and provides a good example of the tone of many articles. From November 1st, 1952. (click to enlarge)

Winfield Fuel In U.S. News Ad

May 23, 2011

Here’s a quick item from the January 1st 1969 Glimpses. Anyone know who was driving the truck? It looks like the picture was taken downtown West Chicago at the intersection of Main and Washington. (Click on article for a larger view)

Get Ready For The Third Annual Good Ole Days

May 20, 2011

I’ve already covered the first “Good Ole Days” in a previous post, and took a look at the Miss Winfield contest from the second “Good Ole Days’. So today I thought we could see what was planned for the third “Good Ole Days”.
This Glimpses article previews the event and even provides a nice picture of the main entertainment. From August of 1970, click on each segment to enlarge and enjoy.

Jewell Road Unsafe

May 18, 2011

That attention grabbing headline was featured in the January 31st, 1968 edition of the Glimpses. The article tells of the struggle to figure out how to fix the road. Sound familiar? Anyways, apparently Jewell Road was part of County Highway #27 at one time as you’ll see in todays post.
(click article to enlarge)

Faces To The Glimpses

May 16, 2011

The Winfield Glimpses changed ownership many times during its run and today I thought I would share some articles that covered one of those changes. In March of 1973 it was announced that Ed Petrik would become the new publisher of the paper, taking over from Al Sennett. Also announced was a new managing editor, Elmer Ill Junior. It’s kind of fun to see pictures of the people behind my favorite newspaper. Notice how happy and relieved Mr. Sennett seems as he passes the torch. (click picture to enlarge)

Flooding Fix Yet Again

May 13, 2011

Here’s a perpetual topic in Winfield. What to do about flooding. This time it was in February of 1973 and according to this Glimpses article the first step would be to acquire an engineering study. Gotta love those studies. I haven’t come across the follow up story yet, but I’m going to guess that the study didn’t come up with any viable solutions, or it came up with solutions that were just too costly to enact. An interesting thing in this story is that the creek is referred to as “Springbrook Creek” instead of “Winfield Creek”. Anybody know why this was? There is a Springbrook Creek, but I believe it is South of us. Anyways, at least we’re not along the Mississippi River. (Click on the article below for a larger view)

Abate My Mosquitos Please

May 11, 2011

I was reading through my new tax bill the other day and noticed that I will be paying $9.41 to the West Chicago Mosquito District. I began wondering about the history of this line item and what do you know, the Winfield Glimpses came through for me again! Today you will learn when the idea was hatched, from this August 1st, 1956 article. (click each section to enlarge)

Not sure if this program is worth my nine bucks, because it seems like I get bit up pretty good every year. But maybe it would be worse if they didn’t do anything.

Unsafe Crossing

May 9, 2011

I’ve posted about this topic before, but I’m always interested in how things come about. The topic is how Winfield’s two railroad crossings became one.
The first article from the Glimpses points to why we needed changes to our railroad crossings in June of 1956 and the second tells of a potential solution in August of 1956. Click on each article for a larger view.