Wheaton Wanted The Winfield Post Office

September 30, 2011

Apparently back in 1966 there was talk of changing Winfield’s post office into a branch of the Wheaton post office. The Glimpses published a commentary in response to the idea (click to enlarge).

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Changing of the Guard

September 28, 2011

Back in May of 1966, The Winfield Glimpses changed owners (one of many times that happened). It was also announced at the time that the paper would become weekly and subscription based. Learn all about it by clicking the articles below…

Too bad Winfield can’t have a cool local newspaper today, that’s like the Glimpses.

Police Chief Resigns

September 26, 2011

Today’s article features a story about the resignation of police chief Lee Griffey, back in March of 1966. (click to enlarge)

The following story was taken from the same issue of the Glimpses and talks about how hard it was to contact the police if you needed help (click to enlarge)

Front Page News???

September 23, 2011

A local couple went to Hawaii and a local boy bagged a deer. Apparently it was a slow news week when these stories ended up on the front page of the Glimpses back in December of 1971. (click each to enlarge)

You’ve got to love that small town news. Have a great weekend.

Tennis Or Handball Anyone?

September 21, 2011

Here’s an interesting proposal that I spotted in the August 7, 1974 edition of the Glimpses…a sports core on Highlake Road. Along with a short article about the facility, there was an ad in the same paper soliciting interest in the idea. (click each to enlarge)

New Middle School Plans

September 19, 2011

Here’s a look at the then proposed middle school for Winfield (District 34), circa March, 1970. (click each picture below to enlarge)

Interesting to note that the building was supposed to house up to 600 students. Apparently it didn’t get built exactly as planned since an addition was built on to the school early this century….and now the entire school (primary and middle) is less than 400 students.
Anyways, here’s what the back of the school looks like today (to compare to the sketch above).

Winfield Homes Headed For Middle Class

September 16, 2011

This was the conclusion of a Winfield Glimpses article back in January of 1963, after reviewing the village’s building permit report from 1962.
The details follow below in two sections. (click each to enlarge)

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