Halloween Party Time

October 31, 2012

Young and old alike enjoyed the Halloween season in Winfield back in 1971. Here are a couple examples from a Glimpses November 10 recap…


Busy Zoning Board in ’72

October 29, 2012

The Winfield Zoning Board of Appeals looked at a wide variety of items back in August of 1972…as you’ll see in today’s Glimpses article…(in two sections)

The Nature Center That Never Was

October 26, 2012

There is a body of water near Winfield called Spring Lake. In 1968 the Glimpses ran a story about how it was going to be part of a nature center. Before I get to the story let’s get oriented as to where this lake is (via Google maps)

and now here is the Glimpses story dated January 31st…

What happened to the project is something I’m having trouble finding out. Anyone know? I asked at the DuPage County Forest Preserve, but they didn’t know. I guess it just morphed into the Kline Creek Farm project at some point. The only reference to the lake on the forest preserve web site is under information about the Timber Ridge Forest Preserve. It says, “Spring Lake is one of only two natural lakes in the DuPage Forest Preserve District, and is not accessible by trails.” I say we all go visit the lake anyway…who needs a trail? Who’s with me?

No Help Needed

October 24, 2012

Here’s an interesting commentary, from the March 1969 Glimpses, chastising local officials, for not attending a county wide summit meeting of municipalities hoping to affect change. (click to enlarge)

and now here’s a bonus ad from Bill’s Enco…

Progressing Downtown

October 22, 2012

Back in March of 1969, the Glimpses featured on the front page, a couple of homes slated for the wrecking ball…

and here’s what the area looks like today (thanks to Google Maps)…

Tomorrow May Be Too Late

October 19, 2012

Now that’s a scary headline to read…especially if you were reading it in 1957 on the front page of the Winfield Glimpses. The story involves the lack of protection at the town’s railroad crossings. Also check out the ad for a lighted golf course that follows the article. My dad said the course was located where Bowling Green is now…(click each to enlarge)

Road Repair Foiled Again

October 17, 2012

It’s always interesting to see how Winfield officials attempt to fund the repair of the village’s roads. The article pictured below chronicles what happened in 1957…(in two parts, click each to enlarge)