Shopping On Jewell

August 31, 2011

Here’s an interesting story about a proposed shopping center for Jewell Road. Never happened (but my guess is that if it had been built, it would’ve been long engulfed by Central DuPage Hospital). From the Glimpses April 6, 1965. (click to enlarge)

Too bad it wasn’t built, I would’ve liked to have stopped by the haberdashery every now and again.

County Farm Scene Today

August 29, 2011

Okay here’s the followup to my previous post. “e kling” steered me in the right direction and won the contest. I went out Sunday and took the “today” photo and tried to match it up as best as I could. Below is the result.

You gotta love that County Farm Road in 1964.

First Ever (and maybe only) Glimpses Blog Contest

August 26, 2011

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably seen one of my “yesterday and today” segments, where I like to take a current picture of something shown in the old Glimpses newspaper (like I did just the other day). I wanted to do such a post based on the following photo from May 5, 1964…(click to enlarge)

The problem is that I couldn’t find the location to take a current picture. That’s where you come in. The first person to either take a “today” photo of the scene in the article or tells me where it is, so I can take the picture, will win an ultra rare (only three have been made) Glimpses/Winfielder T-shirt.

This is an informal contest, so without a lot of legalese, I’d like to wrap it up by September 7th so I can present the shirt to you during Good Old Days (or mail it to you, if you prefer) at the Lion’s Club beer garden. You can send a picture, or description of where the picture is to Good luck and I hope someone can find this scene!

Dancing In The Streets

August 24, 2011

Before there was “Good Ole Days” in Winfield, there was something called the “Street Dance and Carnival”. Check out this article from August 3, 1965. (click to enlarge)

and in other news from the same Glimpses paper, a new gift shop was about to open. Anybody know where this was located (it doesn’t say in the article)?

Winfield School Doors Open To 800 Students

August 22, 2011

That was the headline greeting readers of the Glimpses September 4, 1963 edition. For comparison the Winfield school doors will probably open to a little over 600 students this week.

From data I culled from the internet it looks like enrollment figures for St. John’s in 2010 was about 230 and for District 34 about 380.

Christ Our Savior Under Construction

August 19, 2011

Today I thought I’d post one of my “yesterday and today” segments, focusing on the Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church on Summit Drive. First off is a picture and accompanying article from the May 6, 1970 issue of the Glimpses. The picture shows the building under construction. (click to enlarge)

The following picture shows the church today.

Bulldozing Downtown

August 17, 2011

Recently on the blog, frequent contributor and current trustee Tim Allen posted an article about sending in the dozers to stimulate economic growth. Below is an article from June 11th, 1969 where the dozers (or in this case an excavator) actually were sent in. (click to enlarge for all the details)

Today the property is a parking lot.

(and in case you missed it, more bulldozing pics can be seen here.)

Tribute To Winfield’s Grandma

August 15, 2011

I came across the obituary for Barbara “Grandma” Higgins in the October 6, 1964 issue of the Glimpses and in addition to the obit, the paper featured a nice remembrance with photo’s. (click to enlarge)

Things To Do This Weekend

August 12, 2011

Looking for an alternative to bicycle racing this weekend? If you can hop in a time machine and head back to June of 1969, the following Glimpses ads will give you some ideas. There are a couple dining suggestions…

How about some grocery shopping?

and there are two choices for drinking…take home some package, or go to John’s…

I’d probably choose John’s and the organ music.
Have a great weekend!

Post Office Blues

August 10, 2011

It took a long time for Winfield to get a post office (on Church Street) back in the day, mainly due to problems with the contractor. I haven’t posted any articles on the matter yet, but that changes today. The following story from July 7th, 1964 outlines some of the trials and tribulations. (click to enlarge)