Crossing Concerns 67

February 29, 2012

The railroad crossing in Winfield has always created problems for the downtown area (and probably always will). Here are a couple of items from the Glimpses July 19, 1967 edition in regards to that issue…(click each to enlarge)

and today’s post is brought to you by the Last Stop…

Coal Heat Costs Less & Staying At Home Is Fun

February 27, 2012

Those were two things learned from ads in the July 1948 issue of the Glimpses…(click each to enlarge)

“No” To Shopping Center…”Yes” To Cabs

February 24, 2012

Wrapping up the week with some more articles from the May 1965 Glimpses…let’s first take a look at a story about a proposed shopping center on Jewell Road…(in two parts, click each to enlarge)

Here’s a current google map of the area, showing where that shopping center would’ve been located…

And now let’s end the week with a picture/article about a taxi company that was okay’d by the village…

Same ‘Ol Stuff

February 22, 2012

Continuing on from the Glimpses May 4, 1965 issue…there were some election related stories and commentaries in regards to a recently finished village election that year. Check out the following letter to the editor and editorial…anything sound familiar here?

1965 Week

February 20, 2012

Every now and then I come across an issue of the Glimpses that is so chock full of stuff, that it warrants some extra attention. The May 4th 1965 edition is just one of those issues, so I’ll be featuring items from it this week. Let’s start things off with an article about the post office, followed by a couple of miscellaneous articles.

Next up is some “news of your neighbors”…now this is real news people. It features a couple of baby announcements, along with vacation reports…but my favorite segment is the story about Mrs. Helen Barry…(click to enlarge)

and finally I couldn’t resist this wedding announcement, based solely on the killer ‘do…hopefully they are still married today…

see y’all Wednesday

Rediscovering Willard Way

February 17, 2012

Quick…where’s Willard Way in Winfield? If you know off the top of your head, then you’re better at local streets than I am. I came across the following article from the Glimpses December 10, 1963 issue, telling about the naming of Willard Way…

As part of my occasional “yesterday and today” type posts, I went out and took a picture (well actually my son Spencer took the picture) of Willard Way today, to match up with the picture from the above article (I’m standing in for Mr. Willard)…

While there isn’t a street sign for Willard Way (and actually a sign says it’s for “physicians and staff only”) it does come up on Google maps…

Sleepy Little Village

February 15, 2012

Here are a couple of items from the Glimpses editorial page (July 1, 1948). The first item talks about the needs of the village and specifically the efforts of a community club to build a clubhouse. The second item looks at the “friendliest town in DuPage County”…a bit of its history and some of the stumbling blocks to development. (click each to enlarge)