That’s Kids’ Stuff

January 30, 2013

Here are a few tidbits dealing with Winfield youth from September of 1967 (some good, some bad)…

arrest 10 juveniles

movies in winfield

30 burglaries solved

and you have to love this commentary….hopefully the writer is still around today…to see what happened….

help from our neighbors

It’s Election Time!

January 28, 2013

We’re now heading into the campaign season for the April 9th consolidated election and it’s time to look forward and back. Forward, by checking out a candidate meet and greet at John’s on Tuesday January 29th from 7-9 pm (…and backward by checking out these election stories from February of 1969…

the waiting game

three in race

Hospital Overload

January 25, 2013

Central DuPage Hospital was seeing ever increasing patient loads in the late 1960’s and as this article points out, one of the biggest increases was coming in the delivery room…
(from April of 1970)…

hospital overload

and today’s post is brought to you by the Abbey (now an empty eyesore)

abbey winfield

Anything Goes In Unmoralsville

January 23, 2013

I couldn’t resist stealing the headline that was featured on a cover editorial of the November 18, 1970 issue of the Glimpses. The writers were up in arms over a program and mailing from Planned Parenthood.

you have your rights

meet the professor

anything goes headlineanything goes in unmoralsville

Lines Were Drawn

January 21, 2013

Winfield and Wheaton officials came to an agreement on some boundary lines…as seen in this Glimpses article from April of 1970…

line agreement

Science & Fashion

January 18, 2013

Couple of quick pictorial articles as we head into the weekend. The first one features Winfield public grade school science fair winners and the second features models from a St. Johns fashion show. Both are from the April 1972 Glimpses…Enjoy!

science fair winners

fashion show

and today’s post is brought to you by Central DuPage Federal Savings….(check out those interest rates)

six percent interest

Breaking Ground For Marian Park

January 16, 2013

Not exactly a Winfield story, but it was on the front page of the April 1972 edition of the Glimpses. Details the groundbreaking and plans for the Marian Park Housing complex on Roosevelt Road…all put together by the Franciscan Sisters.

marian park part one

marian park part two

marian park part three

marian park part four

Check out the view of the property today thanks to Google and its maps (looks like they built it pretty darn close to what was in the sketch)
marian park today

Safe Biking

January 14, 2013

Safe biking was the big topic at St. John’s school back in November of 1970…

tops in bike safty

bike safety article

bike safety photos

Glimpses Hailed Wally

January 11, 2013

Cool story about Wally Schauer from April of 1976…

ace hardware

Have a good weekend yall!

Big Plans For The Hospital

January 9, 2013

Back in September of 1966 the Glimpses took a look at the future plans for Central DuPage Hospital and also interviewed the administrator of the day. The two segments are provided below for your perusal…

cdh addition 68

cdh admin interviewed