Halloween Hootenanny

October 30, 2013

In honor of the season, I’ve rounded up a boatload of Glimpses Halloween stuff from over the years…
halloween headline

This one features the Winfield Middle School “spook spree” from October of 1974…

spook spree

Here’s the Abbey celebration of Halloween ’74…

abbey halloween

and now for a look at the annual “Hard Times Dance”…First from 1969 and then from 1970…

hard times dance 69

hard times dance 70

most original costumes

and finally even Mcdonald’s workers got dressed up and made the cover of the Glimpses in November of 1974…

mcdonalds halloween

Winfield Needed A Diamond

October 28, 2013

A little more baseball stuff. In May of 1953 the Glimpses pleaded for someone to donate property for a baseball diamond…

winfield needs diamond

and check out this ad for tray free ice cube making!

ice maker

Wyncliff Flashback

October 25, 2013

Now that the chill of Fall has set in….let’s warm up with a look back at the Wyncliff Swim Club…from the Summer of ’67…


wyncliff pics one

wyncliff pics two

wyncliff article

Fire Department Stuff

October 23, 2013

Couple of new items for the Winfield Fire Department in July of 1967…a cool station wagon and smell remover!

fire stuff

King Of Oration

October 21, 2013

In January of 1969, the Glimpses covered a big oratorical contest…

oratorical contest

Glimpse Into Past Finale

October 18, 2013

and finally…here is the last installment of William Schibur’s history of Winfield (see the previous two posts for more details)…

glimpse into past part five

glimpse into past part six

Hope you enjoyed it…have a great weekend!
and let’s close out the week with an old ad from Winfield Fuel and Material…

winfield fuel ad

Continuing Glimpse Into Past

October 16, 2013

As promised…here is the next installment of William Schibur’s treatise on the history of Winfield that was reprinted in the September 10, 1969 Glimpses newspaper…

glimpse into past part three

glimpse into past part four

and on that note look for the final installment here Friday…
meanwhile today’s segment was brought to you by The Viking…

the viking ad