Fire Trucks Converge On Winfield Hospital

October 31, 2011

Back in the Summer of 1971, emergency officials and Central DuPage Hospital administrators cooperated in putting together a drill to be prepared in case of a fire at the facility. All the details are in today’s article below, including a series of photo’s. (click each to enlarge)

They Were Looking For A Few Good Men

October 28, 2011

Check out this plea for policemen from September of 1971. (click to enlarge)

How about that salary? Although that was probably a decent amount back then. Have a great weekend.

Groundbreaking Event

October 26, 2011

Let’s take a look back to the Fall of 1971 for the groundbreaking of the Winfield Middle School.

A couple months later the Glimpses published this look at the school construction site.

Burglars And Vandals Strike

October 24, 2011

An upturn in burglaries, vandalism and arson attempts, had Winfield residents looking to village officials for help. All the details can be read in today’s Glimpses article, dated July 21, 1971. (click to enlarge)

Roads Smoothed

October 21, 2011

That’s right, the roads were smoothed into shape for Winfield motorists back in the mid 60’s. Take a look at the article below to find out more. From September 8, 1965.

Too bad we couldn’t fix our roads this easy today!

CDH Under Construction

October 19, 2011

That’s a pretty rare event, right? Anyways here’s a cool photo/article detailing a Central DuPage Hospital addition from October 1, 1963. (click to enlarge)

The hospital did eventually expand to 250 beds, and is currently up to 313, according to the CDH web site.

Local Kids Met Bob Sirott

October 16, 2011

A couple of Winfield children attended a cerebral palsy fundraiser back in 1975 and not only got to meet the organizations poster boy, but looks like they got to meet then WLS DJ Bob Sirott. Check it out below in today’s Winfield Glimpses article (click to enlarge)

Citizens Object To Apartment Zoning

October 14, 2011

Here’s an interesting article detailing an apartment complex that was proposed for a corner of County Farm and Geneva Roads. While the project was located in the jurisdiction of DuPage County, Winfield would’ve been needed to provide sewer and water. From February 14th, 1968. (click article below to enlarge)

Police And Viking

October 12, 2011

Here are a couple of quick items from the May 3, 1972 Glimpses. First up is a new police station (it looks like this was located where the 7-Eleven is currently)

and here’s a look at the proposed Viking restaurant (now Morgan’s on Roosevelt)

Young Entrepreneur

October 10, 2011

Check out this enterprising young man from the October 19th, 1966 issue of the Glimpses. (click to enlarge)