Winfield: Town On The Move

June 29, 2011

Today’s post features an editorial and one of my “yesterday and today” segments. The editorial looks at a growing Winfield circa May 1964. A lot of common themes can be found here that you still hear today. It’s also interesting to note that some of the developments discussed in the editorial have come and gone. One that remains is the church pictured in the article. I’m including a current picture of the church, which is now known as the Winfield Community United Methodist Church. (click each to enlarge)

A Fond Look At Winfield’s Past

June 27, 2011

Here is a fun to read commentary from January of 1964. The last line is especially entertaining. (click to enlarge)

All Hail Bob!

June 24, 2011

Now that power is restored to my neighborhood I can get on to celebrating my 100th post. I thought I’d dedicate it to Bob Slivinski. Who’s Bob Slivinski? He’s the guy that I acquired a set of Winfield Glimpses newspapers from. Actually, he acquired them from his sister Donna Siefert (who apparently was going to throw them out if he didn’t want them). She had acquired them from an office that used to house the Glimpses offices (where the papers were left behind). Anyways, Bob read the papers and told me of the great stories contained within the pages. He passed them on to me and I enjoyed them too (perhaps a little too much). Bob and I both thought more people from Winfield should see the articles and that’s one of the reasons why I came up with the idea of posting three articles per week, on this blog. So as a further tribute to Bob, here is a Glimpses article from October 9th, 1974 (I would meet him a year later) in which he is pictured winning a poster contest. Let’s all raise a glass to Bob this weekend and wish him a hearty “Na Zdravie”! (click article to enlarge)

Power Outage Knocks Out Glimpses Blog

June 22, 2011

Due to the extensive power outage, my blog is on hold for now. I was able to sneak in to post this message, but no time or resources to scan and post for a full piece. This was to be my 100th post too! Hopefully see you here Friday. Let’s hope the power is back up soon!

Post Office Problems

June 20, 2011

Winfield’s attempt to get a new post office (on Church Street) in the 1960’s was fraught with problems. Today’s featured article from May 5th, 1964 details a delay due to a lack of funds.
At the bottom of the post is a bonus photo of the building as it appears today (the Harvey Bogin dentist office).The cool thing is that there is still a postal box out front as a nod to the past.

(click each article or picture to enlarge)

Happy Dad’s Day!

June 17, 2011

Celebrating Father’s Day a little early here, with a Glimpses article devoted to the subject.

and a Happy Father’s Day to my favorite Dad, Charles P. Schramer.

County Shuns Winfield Road As Extension Route

June 15, 2011

That was the big headline Glimpses readers were faced with on October 1, 1963. The article shows an attempt by some Winfield businessmen to try and get a proposed north-south route from Roosevelt Road to North Avenue, changed from County Farm Road to Winfield Road. While we know now how things turned out, it makes you wonder how things would’ve been different for Winfield had the change been made. (click each section to enlarge)

Bad Boys Of Winfield

June 13, 2011

On Friday a reader of this blog suggested in the comments that “These are good posts, but what would be more fun and interesting would be local events and the goofy police reports”. While I believe that I already post items about local events, it would be hard to post “the goofy police reports” because the Glimpses simply didn’t offer them. I think the reader is referring to the paper that the Glimpses morphed into…”The Winfield Examiner”. That’s when a police blotter was added to every edition. I’m going to stick to Glimpses articles (leaving an Examiner blog for someone else to start), but in an effort to please every reader, I found this “Letter to the Editor” in the April 23rd, 1975 Glimpses that may qualify offhandedly as a sort of “goofy police report”. (click to enlarge)

Skyrocketing Tax Bill

June 10, 2011

After recently reading my 2010 tax bill , I came across this Glimpses article about the 1955 tax bill. There certainly were fewer taxing districts back then. For fun, why not break out your current bill and compare? (click article to enlarge)

Parks Defeat Editorial

June 8, 2011

This is a follow up to my previous post about the Winfield Park District being defeated by the voters. In the same Glimpses edition as the news story appeared, the staff (apparently not happy with the results) pontificated on “why” the district was defeated and gave a little chastising to the folks that voted against it. (for a larger view, click on the article below)