Herewith I Say : Farewell

June 23, 2014

Sad to say but I’m ceasing these Glimpses posts…at least on the schedule I have been doing for the last 3 1/2 years. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as I have enjoyed posting them. I may post something in the future if I come across something cool (or feel like commenting on something), but the three posts per week is over. In honor of this occasion, I’m including the front of the last Glimpses and then the front of the first Examiner….both from June of 1976. I’ll keep this site up for future reference…thanks again for reading!

last glimpses toplast glimpses bottom

first examiner issue

This represents my 535th post….not a bad run!

Cool Old Pics

June 20, 2014

Technically I shouldn’t be posting these pictures, because they come from the Examiner instead of the Glimpses…but what the heck, I like ’em and I want to share ’em. This Examiner issue had info about the upcoming Good Ole Days celebration and as was the case with the Glimpses, they liked to showcase old photos relative to Winfield. Here are the ones that were published in September of 1977…

schmidt meat market 1943

john schramer

class of 1894'

winfield road

thirsty beer drinks

thanks to mrs spanke

winfield fuel good ole days ad

Will There Be A Cop If You Need One?

June 11, 2014

That was a question posed in a Glimpses headline back in March of 1976…

will there be a cop if you need one

police article

Just For You…The Class Of 72

June 4, 2014

Continuing my salute to the graduation season…let’s take a look at the Winfield School class of 1972…

class of 1972

Hard Workin’ Clerk

May 28, 2014

In June of 1973 the Glimpses highlighted the activities of longtime Winfield Village Clerk Claire Jedlovec…

claire jedlovec

also…in the same issue…an article about a rummage sale at St. John The Baptist church. It features a picture of a current organist at the church…

mrs william rose

Winfield in the 20’s

May 23, 2014

Back in 1971, Winfield was celebrating its 50th anniversary of incorporation as part of the annual Good Ole Days weekend. In gearing up for the event, the Glimpses published a variety of articles and pictures in regards to Winfield in the 1920’s. Feel free to peruse the items below…

gay blades of the 20's

daleidens drugs boies hill st johns school kids

canoeing on dupage

alice hggins neubauer and gertrude heinz higgins

reminiscing residents

police and lions club

old wagon bridge

nick enders train station lena and mary

downtown winfield in the 20s

five of winfields finest

bills enco ad

carmens ad

Name Change

May 21, 2014

In April of 1976, the Glimpses ran an article describing a pending name change to the paper…

new name contest

also from the same edition…an article about the bicentennial…

bicentennial celebration

Town Center ala ’76

May 19, 2014

Check out the ideas bandied about on what to do with Winfield’s Town Center…from the Glimpses April 28 1976 edition…

town center plans

in other news from the same issue…the purchase price of what is still the village hall/police department…

johnson building

Fun Friday

May 16, 2014

How about a little potpourri from August 22, 1973 as we head into the weekend? The front page featured a dog show contestant, a teen pageant contestant and the latest cheerleaders. I’m also going to plug yours truly for being featured in a WBEZ Curious City segment that aired Thursday (5/15/14)…if you missed it here’s a link

dog show

miss teen


Study It…Again & Again

May 14, 2014

Just dodged a bullet the other night and luckily missed out on some flash flooding. What to do about flooding in Winfield? Study it. Currently DuPage County is studying the issue and guess what…it was being studied in 1973 too. Glimpses March 14…

major problems

On another note from the same issue…a copier arrived in Winfield…

xerox comes to winfield