Officials Honored Irene…I Honor Vivian

January 31, 2014

In March of 1971, Winfield officials were busy saying goodbye to the first village employee retiree…Irene Morton…
headlineirene morton picture
irene morton article part one
irene morton article part two

But in January of 2014 I honor regular reader Vivian with this article from the same issue of the Glimpses…

mount saint mary academy
flea market stuff

Did you make any of the items in the second photo Vivian? (just my luck she’s probably not reading today!)


Winfield Industrial Park

January 29, 2014

Check it out…Industry came to Winfield!…

The May 1967 Glimpses had this in depth look at the Thermo Couple Products Company…

thermo couple officers
thermo couple story
thermo couple story part two
thermo couple plant
customer satisfaction

April 21, 1971 Stuff

January 27, 2014

I was flipping through the Glimpses mentioned in the headline and noticed it featured quite a few moderately interesting tidbit articles and pictures. The stories ranged from a circus coming to town, to celebrating the town’s 50th anniversary to mail trucks and clean up week info and wrapping up with a Winfield artist. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s all that “stuff”…

circus came to town
50th anniversary
mail trucks
spring brush up
winfield artist

Cold Remedy

January 24, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I could use a bit of a warm up about now. The best I can do is to take us back to September 1973 via the Glimpses, for a look at what seemed to be a nice warm “Good Ol’ Days”…

candid photos atgod photos 1 and 2
good ol' days
god photos 3 and 4
god photos 5
god photos 6 and 7
god photos 8
god photos 9 and 10
god photos 11 and 12
god photos 13god photos 14
god photos 15

feeling better already!

Cool Club

January 22, 2014

Here’s a club that you probably won’t ever see again…The Winfield Police Boys Clubs “Junior Rifle Club”! “C’mon boys we’re goin’ shootin’ with the chief”!

boys rifle club

and in other club news of the day (September 1963)…parents decided to take over the school lunch program at Winfield school…

parents club

and finally, from the same Glimpses, came this ad…I’m guessing the Half-Way House restaurant didn’t last long…anyone remember it?

half way house restaurant

Needlecrafting in Winfield

January 20, 2014

Back in the Summer of 1973 Winfield had its own place to go for needlecrafting supplies…the Highlake Needlecraft Shop…

highlake needlecraft

highlake needlecraft ad

and if needlpoint supplies wasn’t your thing….you might have wanted some catering from Frank’s

franks catering

Winfield Invades Wheaton

January 17, 2014

Here’s a cool article…reprinted from the September 1968 issue of the Glimpses…which in turn was reprinting an article from a 1939 Wheaton newspaper article…

winfield gang

and as a bonus I’m adding these picture/articles from the same ’68 Glimpses…

pics from 1968

Can anyone tell where the cameraman was located in these photos?