More Pomp

May 31, 2013

Since I had a picture of the 1971 Winfield public school graduation class the other day…I figured it was only fair to also post the St. John’s class of 1971…

st johns class of 1971

Grad Time

May 29, 2013

In honor of the Winfield Central School 8th grade graduation this Friday (in which one of my own sons will take part) I’m going to post the pictures of the class of 1971. It was one big picture in the Glimpses, but since my scanner isn’t as big as a page I’m going to split it up into sections…


students 1

students 2

students 3

students 4

teachers 1

teachers 2

teachers 3

Oh…and “way to go Kurtis”!!

Memorial Day 1971

May 27, 2013

Let’s take a look at the Glimpses pictorial coverage of Memorial Day ’71 as we honor those who served and paid the ultimate price for us…

memorial day 1971

memorial day 1971 part two

Scouting Around

May 24, 2013

What with boy scouting being in the news these days, I thought I’d post a little something about the Winfield Boy Scout Troop 27. This Glimpses article from 1968 gives a little history of the troop as it celebrated the 51st anniversary of the founding of the BSA…

scouts observe anniversary

boy scout week

Sign O’ The Times ’74

May 22, 2013

Check out this statement from the Winfield Zephyr gas station from the February 27th edition of the Glimpses…

winfield zephyr

and here’s a couple extra ads from the same paper…One for Ace of Winfield and the other for Central DuPage Federal Savings…

winfield ace

central dupage federal savings

The Old Country Store

May 20, 2013

Here’s a look at a business that was in Winfield at one time. It was referenced in this “Don’t Rattle My Cage” commentary…from November of 1973…

dont rattle my cage

an ad was also featured for the business in the same issue of the Glimpses…

the old country store

Local Contestants

May 17, 2013

A couple of items today, featuring Winfield residents in contests. One in regards to Miss Illinois and the other featuring the Middle School band. Both items were on the front page of the April 2, 1975 Glimpses…

miss illinois

winfield band