More Priorities For Planning in the 70’s

February 28, 2011

Today’s post is actually a continuation of the first post I ever made on wordpress. It was called “Winfield Glimpses-Priorities For Planning in the 70’s“.
The article was to be a series and today we’ll start taking a look at the second article. It’s kind of a long article, so I’m going to split it up between today’s post and Wednesday’s. This second article in the series appeared in the July 7, 1972 edition of the Glimpses.

Raze and Rise

February 25, 2011

Since I’ve been on sort of a school kick lately, I thought I’d finish up the week with a few pictures I came across relating to the Winfield Middle School (now Winfield Central School). The first picture depicts bulldozing the old Higgins home, from the April 7, 1971 issue of the Glimpses. The second comes from a January 1972 article revealing that the project is ahead of schedule (how about that?). As always, enlarge article by clicking on it.

School Consolidation Anyone?

February 23, 2011

I believe I heard our Governor bringing up the topic of consolidating school district’s the other day. It reminded me that this is one of those items that we’ve seen come up around Winfield for many decades. Let’s take a look back to May 17, 1972 and see what an article that day had to say about the issue (bet it’ll sound familiar to you).

Bad Roads In Winfield Is Nothing New

February 21, 2011

While we continue to figure out how to deal with bad roads in Winfield in 2011…the same thing was going on 45 years ago…as evidenced by this Winfield Glimpses editorial from November 9th, 1966. (click for larger view)

Time For A New School

February 18, 2011

I’m capping this week with a look at the Winfield Elementary School as it was (and was to be) in the mid 1950’s. The first segment features a picture and (kind of weird) companion article from the front page of the October 1955 edition of the Glimpses.(click to enlarge article)

The next picture and article are pulled from the January 1956 edition. Must’ve been a mild Winter that year to be out setting that cornerstone. I wonder if the copper box is still in that cornerstone?

The Latest in Customer Convenience

February 16, 2011

Alright, I’m on sort of a theme this week. It’s the “old articles about when buildings were planned for Winfield, and that still exist in some form today” theme or something like that. Monday I had an article about the new Fire House and today we’ll take a look at the then “Bank of Winfield”. The clips are from the September 13th and December 27th 1972 Winfield Glimpses respectively…followed up with a current photo of the property.

New Fire Department

February 14, 2011

Here’s an article about Winfield’s new fire department…from the August 23, 1972 Glimpses.