Mass Police Resignations

January 30, 2012

That was the headline faced by Glimpses readers in September of 1966. Details in the following article…

Robert Peterson wrote a “letter to the editor” in the same issue explaining his resignation…

The interesting thing to note is that although Carl Sostak tendered his resignation at this point…he eventually became chief of police.


“Town Center” 1947

January 27, 2012

I’m going to finish the week of 1940’s Glimpses items with a series of advertisements. These ads highlight what types of businesses were located downtown (and one on Roosevelt Road) in October of ’47. (click an ad to enlarge)

Seems like Al was a popular name back then. Have a nice weekend.

Lots Of Doin’s In The Late 40’s

January 25, 2012

As promised I’m going to continue focusing on the 1940’s Glimpses this week. I decided to run a whole front page again, because it was chock full of great items. In this issue there’s a rebuttal to the Roosevelt Road story (that was in Monday’s post), details of a local couple helping to apprehend a murder suspect, fire calls and the lowdown on the “cornfield cabaret” (something we may need to bring back). Hope you are enjoying these issues of the early days of the Glimpses as much as I am. (click to enlarge)

Back To The 40’s!

January 23, 2012

My Glimpses collection starts in the 1950’s when the Happels ran the paper and I’ve always been curious to see what the original incarnation of the paper, under the leadership of Frank Weiss, looked like. Well, I finally got down to the Winfield Library and checked out their microfilm collection of the paper. It turns out the earliest edition that they have is the fourth issue, which I am featuring today (the entire front page is seen below). Make sure that you read, the article entitled, “John Elsen Hurls ‘Politics’ Charge In Sign Controversy.” Even back in October of 1947, there was debate over whether or not commercial business should be located on Roosevelt Road. (click to enlarge)

I’ll be featuring items from the 40’s all this week and then periodically through the year. I’d still like to see the very first issue of the paper. If anyone knows where I could get a copy, let me know.

Mixed Bag ’68

January 20, 2012

Here’s a collection of items from the January 1968 edition of the Glimpses, ranging from advertising to Vietnam…with a Mass held in a local home , and a cool looking orchestra thrown in for good measure. (click each to enlarge)

Broken Record

January 18, 2012

As a fan of the long playing record (or LP), I occasionally run into a “broken record”, when the turntable stylus (or needle) will skip, and you hear the same thing over and over again until you adjust it forward on the record. The following editorial from the March 20, 1968 edition of the Glimpses reminds me that a similar situation exists in Winfield. Most of themes of the piece have been heard over and over again, year after year, decade after decade. Not that I claim to know the answer, but hopefully someday the town’s “needle” will make it to the next track.

and today’s post is sponsored by the “Pizza Queen”…

Looking For Downtown Improvements

January 16, 2012

In the late 1960’s a local dentist was hoping the village board could do something to improve the downtown area. The following article from the July 19, 1967 edition of the Glimpses tells of the board’s response. (click to enlarge)

Speaking of the downtown…here’s an ad from the same paper for Carmen’s Barber Shop….