Mediocre V. Great

February 27, 2013

As we tidy up from a lame “blizzard”…let’s take a look back at the “Great Blizzard of 1967″…(click to enlarge)

great blizzard of 67

Money Where His Mouth Was

February 25, 2013

Here’s a tidbit I picked up from a 1968 Glimpses article referencing an article from a 1920’s “The Bugler” (I’d sure like to see some of those newspapers) article. Wouldn’t it be cool if a modern day candidate made a pledge like this?

pres pledges 1000

I’m left wondering how the 15 bucks was spent at the states attorneys bachelor party?

Nouveau Johns

February 22, 2013

The weekend is here…let’s take a look back at a new building for John’s Buffet. The article comes from the Glimpses April 1957 edition and previews the plans for the project, which will feature a new liquor store…

johns buffet new building

and here’s the ad from later in the year announcing the new business…

johns ad

and of course here’s what John’s looks like today, featuring a restaurant/bar instead of the original liquor store… (btw I took this picture as I was headed into the village board meeting….if you didn’t catch this February 21st meeting it was awesome…one for the record books)

johns today

Roosevelt Road Stuff

February 20, 2013

I always like coming across these articles about commercial development on Roosevelt Road. Here’s one from December of 1959…

roosevelt road corner

A Fun Picture Day

February 18, 2013

Hopefully this post will help to make up for some of those bad “picture days” we had in school…all thanks to the April 10th, 1974 edition of the Glimpses. (click each segment to enlarge)

richard egan haircut
(side note-I enjoyed Mr. Egan’s work in “A Summer Place” and “Pollyanna”)

land of the dragons

a breath of spring

fishing contest

Bring Back Play Day!

February 15, 2013

Check out this Winfield event that coincided with the Fourth of July back in 1950…now those were the real good ole days…

play day report

play day thanks

Valentine Special

February 13, 2013

How about some valentine day tidbits (mainly ads)? Thanks for reading… I heart you all…

happy v day

pizza special

altons valentine ad

village liquors

and if you need some poems…try these…

to my wife

when i think

Articles scanned from the February 2nd 1972 and February 14th 1973 editions of the Glimpses.

Vandals & A Policeman

February 11, 2013

Let’s start the week with a couple of articles from the April 1974 Glimpses. One is a commentary about some specific vandalism in town and the other focuses on officer William Rizer…

out and around by uncle elmer

know your police

Spring Is In The Air…

February 8, 2013

I thought to counteract the sudden onset of Winter weather, that I’d run this Glimpses piece about a CDH auxiliary Spring fashion show…enjoy!

spring is part i

spring is part ii

spring is part iii

spring is part iv

Don’t Criticize Them

February 6, 2013

Before we had to “save” the police, Winfield residents were asked to respect them…as you’ll see in this April 1970 Glimpses editorial…(I wonder if the paper had a sign out front of their office saying something like “Hey Residents, Listen To The Editor!”)

support our police officers