Police Force Doubled

April 30, 2014

Big addition to the Winfield police force back in the 1965…

winfield police doubled

and check out this Winfield Cab Company ad…

winfield cab company

New Teachers in ’70

April 28, 2014

The Winfield public school saw some new faces in 1970…and here they are…

new faculty at winfield school
thomas arnold

and a bonus article from the same Glimpses….a bake sale held in a station wagon…

station wagon bake sale

Fashion Show Friday

April 25, 2014

Check out this pictorial/article from May of 1970…gotta love it!

fashion show part one

fashion show part two

fashion show part three

Laugh In / Dangerous Quarry

April 23, 2014

Couple of items taken from the June 1969 issue of the Glimpses…one reviewing Winfield’s “Laugh In” show and the other warning of a dangerous area in town…

winfield laugh in

dangerous quarry

Roarin’ 20’s

April 21, 2014

As part of the lead up to the Good Ole Days celebration in 1973, the Glimpses published a bunch of town history articles. The theme of the party that year was the 1920’s, so one of the articles was about Winfield in that era…

pioneers reminisce


The issue also included history articles about the Fire Department, indians in the area and the newspaper itself…

fire department history

indians here

glimpses history

Happy Easter!

April 18, 2014

It’s that time of year again…and this year I’m looking to the April 10 1968 issue of the Glimpses for material…

easter greetings

mary and markl ads

mariannes gift shop ad

Have a great weekend!

Family Lives For The Fair

April 16, 2014

In July of 1973, the Glimpses featured an article about the Walter family…a family who was way into the DuPage County Fair…

walters live for the fair

walters pic

dupage county fair ad

and in another 4H note from the same paper…Jane Schibur presented a fundraising prize to the winner…

jane schibur ann bartlett

Beautiful Zephyr

April 14, 2014

In what I like to call a “yesterday and today” post….let’s take a look at a Winfield gas station…first as featured in the Glimpses back in the 70’s and then as it looks today (4/06/14)…

zephyr beautification

shell station

Deadly Ditch & TS Bowie Obit

April 11, 2014

Couple of items from the Glimpses September 1971 issue. One describes the dangers of a gravel road (now the Highlake townhomes subdivision), the other an obituary for a local businessman…

deadly ditch

ts bowie obit

Maybe Not So Bad

April 9, 2014

As bad a Winter as we’ve had this year…check out this front page picture from the Glimpses April 8, 1970…

late snowfall

and for comparison here’s what the same scene looked like on April 6, 2014…

winfield school april 6 2014

and while I was out with the camera I noticed I actually had a little bit of snow lingering in my driveway…

last bit of snow