Here She is…Miss Winfield 1969

April 29, 2011

While it may not be a royal wedding, today we’ll see what it took to be “Queen of Winfield”. The Miss Winfield contest was held prior to “Good Old Days” and the winner reigned over the town celebration. Evening gowns, talent and bathing suits were all featured as you’ll see below in a series of pictures and profiles from the Glimpses September 10, 1969 issue. Did they pick the right girl? You decide. (click on each segment to enlarge)

Annexing Northward

April 27, 2011

Today’s post deals with the pending annexation of the property North of the sanitarium (now Central DuPage Hospital). Definitely a big turning point in Winfield’s growth and history. The editor of the paper at the time (Corinne J. Happel) seemed to have a definite opinion on the matter as you’ll see when you click on the following two articles from the July 1, 1961 edition of the Winfield Glimpses.

A development known as “Winfield Terrace” was referenced in these articles. I’m not sure where this is (or was) in town. Anybody know?

No Beds Available

April 25, 2011

Here’s a story you probably won’t see these days…unavailability of beds at Central DuPage Hospital. Apparently back in the mid 70’s, CDH had to cancel scheduled surgeries due to a lack of bed space as you’ll see in today’s Glimpses article from June 4th, 1975. (click article to enlarge)

Clean Up Week

April 22, 2011

Coming up on April 26th is the, “Spring Household Refuse Collection Day”, in Winfield, allowing us to do a little cleaning up around the house and putting it out on the curb (if you have a curb) without having to use those pesky garbage stickers. Anyways, The Winfield Glimpses was advocating a clean up week back in 1958, as you’ll read in today’s article. (click to enlarge)

Board Stacking ’69

April 20, 2011

Gotta love small town politics. This story reveals some post election fallout from the Spring of 1969. Basically three defeated candidates in the recent election were appointed to the zoning board, by the village president, before the winning candidates took their seats. All in retaliation for some post election activity from 1963. Read all about it below in four segments (click to enlarge).

Flood Control Lake

April 18, 2011

Flooding is an issue near and dear to me (’cause I’m a dummy who bought a house in a flood plain), so whenever I see an article in the Glimpses that has anything to do with the topic, I take notice. The article below was spotted in the April 23, 1969 edition. Apparently Senator Harris Fawell (Rep. Naperville) originally presented a plan that would feature a flood water catching lake by the Mcdowell Forest Preserve, which somehow morphed into the Fawell Dam that we have today. Even though a DuPage County engineer told me she “stakes her career” on the fact that the dam doesn’t affect Winfield (not sure I buy that, especially since she couldn’t explain to me why the DuPage River does back up into the Winfield Creek), I have to think the lake idea would’ve been better for us. If you’ve never been to the Fawell Dam I’m providing a Google map of the area, below today’s article. It’s quite impressive in person and I recommend a visit. The dam features three giant iron gates that can literally shut off the DuPage River just north of downtown Naperville.

Outlook Dim For Better Streets

April 15, 2011

Here’s a shocking Glimpses article from September 1961. A village board committee chairman stating that residents would have to live with bad road conditions for years if no tax increase is wanted. (enlarge article with a click)

31k to run the town?!?!

April 13, 2011

I know this is sort of like freaking out over the price of bread decades ago, but I thought this was an interesting read about what it cost to run the town in the late 1950’s. Check out those expenses. The funny thing is that the thirty-one thousand dollars to run the town for a year is now basically nothing. An amount like that is tossed around today like chump change on any variety of things, including “studies”. Oh well, click back to September 1, 1959 via the Glimpses article below.

Fresh Coat For Train Station

April 11, 2011

Back in May of 1971, some volunteers put a fresh coat of paint on the Winfield train station. The Glimpses published a “before” and “after” pictorial. I’m adding the current view of that area. (click to enlarge)

McCormick Salute

April 8, 2011

It has now been 56 years (as of April 1st) since the passing of Robert McCormick and I noticed in the April 12th 1967 edition of the Glimpses, a pictorial dedicated to the 12th anniversary ceremony. (click articles and pictures to enlarge)

Robert McCormick left us the legacy that is Cantigny, a place I’ve enjoyed going to since I was a little kid (and now with my kids). Why not take some time out this Spring and remember the colonel with a visit to the park. I recommend taking a bicycle ride to get there and a climb on a tank once inside.