Winfield Sanitarium Helped TB Victims

I thought the following article provided an interesting look at the facility now known as Central DuPage Hospital. The article appeared in the May 1, 1952 edition of the Glimpses…(click each segment to enlarge)

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4 Responses to Winfield Sanitarium Helped TB Victims

  1. Joanna Kohler Stevenson says:

    I was in Winfield TB Sanitarium in 1954 & at that time there were 75 beds. We women were on the second floor and the first floor was occupied by men. All rooms were semi-private with a bath shared by 2 rooms. Du Page County residents were treated free of charge as they had no public facility. However I was from Chicago so had to pay. This was a sister hospital of Michael Reese hospital in Chicago. My doctor was on the staff of Michael Reese so that is how I was admitted there. Winfield was an extremely modern facility in the 1950s & I was extremely fortunate to have been treated there. All the physicians were Jewish . However I was not. We were fluorscoped weekly which exposed us to a great deal od radiation. I also had pneumo-peritneum which collapsed my lung to rest it. This treatment is no longer used as it was dangerous unless the physician was very skilled. Even though I endured many outdated treatments that were unnecessary I did survive. I understand many other sanitariums did not offer the advantages we had nor the pleasant surroundings that Winfield offered.

    • winfielder says:

      wow, thanks for this first person account…it definitely gives a more in depth look into what was going on at that original facility. Thank you for sharing and I wish you well.

  2. An entourage of 4 pulmonary physicians from Michael Reese plus house physician & nurse made the rounds once a week & decided if we were to be given more activity. There was also the dreaded chance if a surgery or other dreaded treatments. These doctors were extremely dedicated which helped our morals. I had very few visitors since I lived on the far southeast side of Chicago. There was also a real stigma to patients with t.b. Surgery was always done at Michael Reese; then patient returned to Winfield for a few months to recover. It was not an easy treatment but today .i M. 80 years old & never had a reaccurance of t.b.

  3. susan Stevens says:

    My mother, Hilde Freeman was also a patient at Winfield. She was there about a year. I was 6 years old when she got sick and about 7 when she returned home. She never, ever, talked about it. Her doctors name was Ed Levine. He was very kind and caring. We were not permitted to visit her, but i was once taken to the grounds and she was able to see my sister and I from a window. Once she was home from Winfield, she saw Dr Levine in his office in the Loop–I think it was on Wabash. She live to be 99 years old!

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