New Business Zoning in ’60

September 12, 2012

The following article appeared in the July 1960 issue of the Glimpses and spells out what types of businesses could be located where…(click to enlarge)


As a companion piece…here’s an ad from a Winfield business of the time…

Population Zooms

August 24, 2012

I saw this article about a special census for Winfield in 1963…

The article inspired me to look up our 2010 data for comparison, and here’s what I found (looks like the ladies now outnumber the gents)…

and today’s post is brought to you by TS Bowie and color!…

Father’s Day Glimpses Style

June 15, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to all that it applies to. I have a couple of items, in the spirit of the day. First up are some thoughts on the day from Winfield dad’s…(from 1971)

and if you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, check out these from a 1960 TS Bowie ad…(in two parts)

Personally I’d like to get the oiler…Have a great weekend!

Development Caused Blue Moon

April 13, 2012

At least that’s what the editor of the Glimpses thought in the late 1950’s. Today’s article takes a look at what was occurring in the village around July, 1959. In three segments…click each to enlarge…

and today’s post is brought to you by Markl Dairy…by the way, anyone know what a drony dorp is?

TS Bowie Adds On

March 21, 2012

Back in 1965 the TS Bowie hardware store on Beecher (now the “Antiques of Winfield” store) built an addition…

and here’s what it looks like behind the building today…

and as a little bonus how about a TS Bowie ad from 1965?

Wheaton Wanted The Winfield Post Office

September 30, 2011

Apparently back in 1966 there was talk of changing Winfield’s post office into a branch of the Wheaton post office. The Glimpses published a commentary in response to the idea (click to enlarge).

Today’s post is brought to you by T.S. Bowie and Sons…