Bring Back Play Day!

February 15, 2013

Check out this Winfield event that coincided with the Fourth of July back in 1950…now those were the real good ole days…

play day report

play day thanks

Sleepy Little Village

February 15, 2012

Here are a couple of items from the Glimpses editorial page (July 1, 1948). The first item talks about the needs of the village and specifically the efforts of a community club to build a clubhouse. The second item looks at the “friendliest town in DuPage County”…a bit of its history and some of the stumbling blocks to development. (click each to enlarge)

Winfield Vulnerable To Nukes

July 13, 2011

That’s what the Winfield Community Club learned from a speaker at its April, 1952 meeting. Read all about it by clicking on the article below.