Free Newspapers!

I’m going to be moving soon and I’m ready to part ways with my collection of the Glimpses newspapers. Would anyone like to take them off of my hands?
They are fun to leaf through. Let me know and we’ll set up a time for you to pick them up. Thanks!

6 Responses to Free Newspapers!

  1. Ed Kling says:

    I grew up in Winfield in the 70s
    Started writing some short stories and a book about it

    I would love to ha e these

  2. I would be glad to have these as well. Kevin Davis

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  3. jmh4227 says:

    I would be interested in the older issues. My mother was Alyce Bartlett and wrote and set ads for the paper in about 1966 and some years after. How many do you have and how much are they?

    Thanks Joan Haas

    • winfielder says:

      Thanks for the inquiry Joan. Unfortunately the papers are spoken for. If for some reason the person doesn’t pick up, I’ll let you know. The Winfield library has the whole run of the paper
      on microfilm, so at least they are available to read.

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