Herewith I Say : Farewell

Sad to say but I’m ceasing these Glimpses posts…at least on the schedule I have been doing for the last 3 1/2 years. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as I have enjoyed posting them. I may post something in the future if I come across something cool (or feel like commenting on something), but the three posts per week is over. In honor of this occasion, I’m including the front of the last Glimpses and then the front of the first Examiner….both from June of 1976. I’ll keep this site up for future reference…thanks again for reading!

last glimpses toplast glimpses bottom

first examiner issue

This represents my 535th post….not a bad run!


9 Responses to Herewith I Say : Farewell

  1. Nancy Enzweiler says:

    I have enjoyed these columns very much and am sad to see them end. “Thanks for the memories.”

  2. Tim Selander says:

    So sorry to see the blog end, but it sure was fun and even reconnected me with old acquaintances. Many, many thanks!

  3. Weasel says:

    Thanks for all the Posts.
    I’ll buy you a beer or three at Good old Days!

  4. Sue Keeley M. says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! It brought back great memories of growing up in Winfield. Good luck on your next endeavor.

  5. Linda Lash says:

    I hope you can help me out regarding a photo you posted of the 1974 West Chicago Wildcats. It’s of three players: Forbes, Cheney and Brach.

    How could a get a file to print a copy for personal use?

    I’ll appreciate any advice or assistance you can offer,

    • winfielder says:

      hi linda….you can get a copy of that photo by “right clicking” it with your mouse and then saving it to your computer….If you want the original newspaper, I’d be happy to give it to you (if I can find it again)…hope that helps…

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