Friday Frolic

April 12, 2013

Heading into the weekend, after this long dreary, rainy week…I’ve skimmed through the September 29th, 1971 issue of the Glimpses and pulled some lighter fare, along with a few old ads. Have a good one!

good ole days dog show

winfield boy scouts

ccw trip

second hand rose

winfield ace ad

bunker hill tap ad


In Mourning

April 10, 2013

Sadly I predicted the outcome of this weeks election in a previous post. But being the good sport I am, I’d like to congratulate our new president and trustees. Actually, I can’t wait to see what the big “change” will be. My last words on the subject? …get ready to defend your wallet.
Now let’s take a look back at the trustee race from April of 1971 and see the totals from that year…

new trustees 71

Fifth Of Junior’s

April 8, 2013

While a few folks in town don’t seem to care for this group, a lot of others are thankful for the work they do (I count myself among these people). One thing that can’t be denied is that the Winfield Junior Woman’s Club has been around town a long time. Back in March of 1972 the club was celebrating an anniversary…

juniors fifth anniversary 1

juniors fifth anniversary 2

also from the same issue there was an article about an upcoming fundraiser…

winfield juniors fundraiser

and if you want to see what the club is up to these days check out

Front Page ’66

April 5, 2013

Here are a couple of items from the front page of the September 28th 1966 issue of the Glimpses…(plus a bonus ad from inside the paper)…

off to vietnam pic
off to vietnam article

Think you’ve been to a long village board meeting? Check this one out….

board meeting goes into 4th week

and how about a home in the knolls?

the knolls ad

Playin’ Ball Pays

April 3, 2013

In honor of big league baseball starting up this week, here’s a Winfield little league story from October of 1971. The Minor League Cubs received gifts from their sponsor, the Bank of Winfield…

minor league cubs

duane chenier
I’m digging Dad Cheniers mutton chops!

and here’s the bank’s ad from the same issue…

bank of winfield ad

…And Now A Word From My Sponsor

April 1, 2013

And that “sponsor” is me. A lot of sites on the web are now making you watch commercials before you can get to the content…but here (in lieu of a commercial) I’m going to offer up my personal opinion on the current election cycle in Winfield. I know I probably won’t be swaying any votes at this point, but I felt compelled to log some observations, predictions and endorsements in a public place, and what better place to do it than in my own little nook on the internet (especially since I don’t have the money to send a “newspaper” featuring my opinion to everyone in town). If you don’t want to read it you can back out now…in fact I’m including a few political ads from 1955 as a buffer to my screed…Back to my normal postings on Wednesday…

peoples party ad

independent citizens party

Now on to my thoughts about the current election cycle in Winfield. Unfortunately, if past elections are any guide for the present…the vote will probably take a big swing “the other way”…and in this case that means big wins for the Winfield United Political Committee candidates. Believe me I hope I’m wrong, but I have to call it as I’ve seen it.
I keep reading on signs that we “need all 4 for change” or something like that and I was wondering just what that “change” might be. For one, it shifts the power to the Winfield United Political Committee candidates and what I believe you are then going to see (if all four guys win) is another referendum for a tax hike (my prediction). One of the leaders of this political action committee, Steve Romanelli is on record saying that basically our taxes are too low (can you imagine?) Check it out for yourself in the comments section of this Daily Herald Story. I also tried to ask (via email) presidential candidate Spande if he thought our taxes were too low, since this question was asked at a candidates forum that the WUPC candidates wouldn’t attend. He never got back to me on that question but he did answer at length about why they couldn’t attend the candidates forum.
I also hear about how these WUPC candidates “listen to the residents”. In fact some fella by the name of Rock Rockett wrote an article ripping on trustee candidate Jay Olson for, among other things, that “He voted to force rezoning of homes on Beecher Street and the Marathon Station against the owners’ will.” The funny thing is that Mr. Spande also voted to “force rezoning of homes on Beecher Street.” Check it out in the village board minutes…(follow the link and then download the file labelled 2012.02.02 VB). Weird that the Winfield United Political Committee would want a village president that doesn’t “listen to the residents.”
I don’t know about you, but I believe my taxes are not too low and I’m looking for candidates who are seeking alternatives to higher property taxes and other nickel and dime fees (ie vehicle stickers)…and for candidates who are not beholden to a political action committee. That’s why i’m endorsing Rob Hanlon for village president and Tom Blackburn, Jay Olson and Charles Jacques for trustee. Join me in electing these men. I recommend early voting (super easy, no lines)…see details here.